Creative Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Large Families

Creative Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Large Families

As the holiday season approaches, many families are starting to plan their annual Christmas gift exchange. But for those with large families, finding a gift exchange idea that works for everyone can be a challenge. Here are 10 creative gift exchange ideas that are perfect for big families:

Secret Santa: This classic gift exchange idea is a great option for large families because it allows everyone to participate without having to purchase a gift for each individual family member. To play, each family member draws a name out of a hat and secretly buys a gift for that person. On Christmas Day, everyone reveals their gift to the person whose name they drew.

White Elephant: This gift exchange game is all about the element of surprise. Each family member brings a wrapped gift to the exchange and takes turns selecting a gift from the pile or “stealing” a gift that someone else has already chosen. The goal is to end up with the best gift, but the twist is that you never know what you’ll end up with.

Gift Swap: Similar to Secret Santa, this gift exchange idea involves drawing names out of a hat. But instead of buying a gift for the person whose name you drew, you bring a wrapped gift from your own collection to the exchange. This is a great option for families who want to recycle or repurpose old gifts that are no longer being used.

Handmade Gifts: For families who enjoy DIY projects, consider having a handmade gift exchange. Each family member can create a unique, homemade gift to give to someone else in the family. This not only saves money, but it also adds a personal touch to the gift exchange.

Themed Gifts: Another fun gift exchange idea is to choose a theme for the gifts, such as “gifts under $20” or “gifts for the home.” This helps narrow down the options and ensures that everyone gets a gift that is meaningful and useful.

Gift Card Swap: If your family is struggling to find the perfect gift, consider having a gift card swap instead. Each family member can bring a gift card to the exchange and trade with someone else. This allows everyone to choose their own gift and ensures that they get something they really want.

Progressive Gift Exchange: This gift exchange idea works best for families who live close to each other and can easily meet up throughout the holiday season. To play, each family member brings a small, wrapped gift to the first exchange. At each subsequent exchange, everyone brings a new gift and can either keep their current gift or swap it for a different one. The goal is to end up with the best gift by the end of the game.

Mystery Box: For a truly unique gift exchange experience, consider creating mystery boxes for each family member. Each box should contain a variety of small gifts and trinkets that fit a specific theme or interest. Family members can take turns opening their boxes and guessing what each item is.

Wish List: To ensure that everyone gets a gift that they really want, consider having a wish list gift exchange. Each family member can create a list of their top gift ideas and share it with the rest of the family. Then, everyone can choose a gift from someone else’s list to give as their gift.

Charity Gifts: For families who want to give back during the holiday season, consider having a charity gift exchange.

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